23 April 2006

Michelle eats @ SOULed OUT.

Good eh?

Belum makan, sudah burrppp....

Saturday night dinner.

Lively atmosphere with outspoken waiters, constantly shouting to greet you. =)
The noise level there is almost deafening! But in a good way, of course; the constant cheering of goals, laughter, chitty-chatty, bells(!), yes bells!

Appetizer: summertime salad
lettuce, cherry tomatoes, alfafa bean sprouts, beets, mandarin oranges, sprinkled with extra virgin olive oil, topped with grilled fish, prawns +calamari. Ooooh!

Main Course: beefed out pizza
pepperoni, , chunks of ground beef, raisins with mozarella, on top of a thin wooden-baked crust! Yum!

Mocktail: Pussy foot (yea, i know it sounds funny)
concoction of mango+pineapple+orange+strawberry juice. Slurrp!

Finish up with a mug of good ol' Heineken.