19 April 2006

Vanity Paraded

After all the money-spending, accesories-picking, shoes-buying, clothes-choosing, facials+mani+pedi, the day has finally come, for it to be paraded all out.

14 April 2006
Putrajaya International Convention Center (PICC).

With a little help from this,

and this,

and this,

I think I look presentable for prom.

Of all proms that I've went for the past 3 years, sadly to say, there isn't 1 prom that got me leaving with nothing but sweet memories. Everyone hoped that this year's would be the best, most fun, most exciting, most fantastic; I mean everyone would want to graduate, with happy prom memories rite? Sadly, none of the of the above mentioned qualities were even near-achieved.


  • they restrict us fom taking photos by saying "Go and sit down at your table NOW. No more taking pictures".
  • food arrived incredibly horribly late. not to mention, food standards was way x3 below PICC's par. I'm sure ministers+politicians don't get crappy food like we did.
  • food was dirty. some vommitted & some 'lao sai'.
  • this prom does not serve water. they expect us to hydrate ourselves with saliva.
  • too freaking many people. many of my friends were gone unnoticed drowned by the sea of unknowns.
  • they forced us out of PICC on the dot, airing unprofessional announcements over the PA system, such as "Go home and sleep". common sense, will tell you people aren't goin to leave so early rite? How many chances do u get in a lifetime to dress-up and take pictures?
  • they left Tun Mahathir staring at some freaky-plastic hand, when all the burnin action was happening behind him.

What's the point of boasting "The Biggest Ever Prom Held in MMU", when you can't meet basic prom requirements?

I don't regret the money I spend on getting pretty. But I loathe the $89 I spend on, to be treated with no respect, no dignity & no value.

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crazysocket said...

money flies... sad...