25 September 2009

30 ways to get over it!

Jo shared her cosmopolitan.au with me and I've fallen in love ever since. And this awesome article I read today, '30 ways to get over your breakup', has got me upbeat, lively and givin' no shit on what the Divemaster is doing.

I'm excited to share my top 5 favs which I am diligently practising or attempting to practise.

  1. drink vodka. much vodka
  2. change your mobile wallpaper. delete that pic of you & him on your last holiday and replace it with george clooney's mug
  3. meet up with long-lost mates ASAP
  4. buy the brightest frock, shoes or bag you can find
  5. plan a shamelessly girly party with pink martinis, pink champagne, cupcakes & cheese
Michelle wants all the ladies to read http://www.cosmopolitan.com.au/30waystogetoverit.htm

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