01 September 2009

The Divemaster broke my heart

He finally said it.

" My feelings for you has faded. Let's move on. Life goes on "

There must be another bitch. Which man will tell you there is a 3rd party? None I tell you. None of these coward men will have the fucking guts to tell you there is another woman. They just say, oh, i don't love you anymore...

Why is it so hard for me to be happy? Why I can't be happy? I just want to be happy. Nothing more. No big houses, no branded bags, no expensive jewellery. I found my Divemaster and I'm happy. Thats all. But why can't he stay?

The Divemaster left Michelle heartbroken. She can't help herself anymore. She's spiralling down into depression. AGAIN. Why is everything against her to be happy?


Chee Tat said...

it takes both side to make it happens. sometimes we always say the another side is wrong, but we never think of wat have we done.

Michelle said...

then tell me what have i done wrong, ct.

what have i done wrong to make him leave me! he didnt want to tell me what i did wrong, so u tell me. U tell me so i can change!

If i am doing wrong, tell me.

for whatever fucking wrong i did, i change. it will be less painful for me than to let my heart be broken again n again.

Chee Tat said...

remember when i asked u, will u jz ignore him whenever he is trying to appologize for his mistake?

and you said, that's wat all girl do.

well, that's the biggest mistake all girl do.

joyce said...

roomate, i'm sorry to hear that u r sad. Watever that happens, i'm always there for u. :)

Be strong, u'll find a better man who deserves u. Have faith!


Chee Tat said...

both of u jz hug each other and cry together la.

brokeback mountain, female version.