27 September 2009

My Divemaster's imprints

My Divemaster left many imprints when he left. Both physically & personally.
  • I love house music - I didn't know how to appreciate house back then, it all sounded the same! A couple of drum beats on repeat and they call this music? My Divemaster led me into a whole new world of trance jamming, to the likes of Armin Van Buuren & his huge collection of Jay-Kay CDs. I am now shaking & grooving to Turn It Up, Capital FM. Occasionally drifting back to our vodka-crazy nights at Phuture.
  • I love Havaianas! - My Divemaster showed me my first pair of Top Metallic green because I complained my high heels was killing me. It was love at first sight ever since. When I'm in SG, you'll definitely find me at Heeren. Or Ion (gfs tell me, they opened up a bigger store in Ion)
  • I love Toki Doki Lesportsac - I casually mentioned that I love Toki Doki, my Divemaster patiently e-Bay(ed) every night collecting the limited editions for me. Now, as I look at my Toki Dokis sitting in my cupboard, I sigh in sadness...
  • I love diving - if you didnt already know. He groomed me into a fanatic diver. I eat, live, breathe scuba.
  • I love indomee goreng + egg - My Divemaster cooks the BEST indomee in the whole wide world.

Michelle asks, do you know how hard is it for her to get through day by day, when everything she loves, everything she has passion for, reminds her of Divemaster?

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joyce said...

Roomie, explore new passion which does not revolve around him ~~~