04 September 2009

Letter #1

Dear Divemaster,

It has been 4days since u left. 4 days without your calls and sms. 4 days of tears clutching your picture. 4 days of heartbreak reading your sms over and over again. U said let's move on and make the best for both of us. Let's move on... let's move on... why is it so easy for u to say let's move on?

I can't move on.

I miss you insanely. I will starve for weeks just to hear your voice again, to hear you call me and say hi bee... I will clean the public toilet just to have u hold me in your arms again. I will practically do anything just to have u look at me and say Sayang.

People tell me time heals. But these 4 days seem like 400 years. Every second passes so damn slow. But when we're together - cooking korean noodles in the kitchen, every second passes like lightning.

I figured u must be in Indonesia right now. Photographing mandarin fishes. I remember u telling me - when you still cared about me - that there wouldn't be any reception. But u will still try your best to call me. Guess, u don't have to now, huh?

I miss you Divemaster. So much. Why did u change your heart?


joyce said...


it's ok to feel this way, becoz u had love with all your heart, he's jus another passenger.

u must remember, u can walk through this rough part of life if u belive in urself.

Chee Tat said...

can i post this in thestar?

joyce said...

Lee Chee Tat, u go die larh!!!

Michelle said...

CT derives a twisted sense of joy frm ppl's breakup. Esp his housemates' breakup!

Go on. hurt my heart further.

Chee Tat said...

I miss you Divemaster. So much. Why did u change your heart?

I help him to answer. becoz u always fat pei hei.