17 September 2009

I see, I remember, I shed tears

I was pulling out from the car park today, I saw a familiar number. A few cars ahead, WPC 8308.

I sat in my car staring. And I continue doing nothing, but staring. For a good 30mins. Just staring...

(at the back of my head, images start to flood... the first time i stepped into that car. ocean breeze ambi pur. he took me to vishal. introduced me to vishal's wicked mutton balls. and i could remember. he used his hand, tore of the tender meat and placed it on my plate. "you don't mind rite? i'm giving u the best part" i could remember clearly word for word. on our way back, i noticed Good Evening Bangkok pillows on the passenger seat. a red & black devil soft toy nestled in between. 2 Marlboro DYO 20s sitting in the compartment slots. MOOKS sticker in front. MINISTRY OF DIVING sticker at the back ... michelle, enough!)

fuck it. I jammed the accelerator and left.

1 comment:

Chee Tat said...

then he yelled and spoiled the dinner.