13 July 2005

Saddened by the loss of my Tee

One of my baby-tee flew away from my balcony on Monday afternoon. A freakish storm landed Cyberjaya with horrible horrible strong wind. Unfortunately, I wasn't at home. Was in campus cos of classes. The saddest thing is, that particular baby-tee was a gift from Mum.

13 July
Stayed at home the entire day. Finishing up my lab report & FYP. Lonely, bored and lethargic. There really isn't any life here in Cyberjaya, ya know? Isolated, desserted, crappy food, dumbass security guards...... Sick!
Oh well, probably Im not one of those happening-popular girls whose lives are filled with manicures, DOME's chocolate banana shake & shoe-shopping.

I opened Audrey's birthday card-took so long becos it was hidden under some junk- The first thing that catches my eye was the big golden words on the front side.

" A special birthday wish for my best friend "

Aint that sweet? She found a bestfren birthday card. Inside, she wrote 1 long story about our friendship together for 10 years complete with kiddy pictures. Aint that double sweet?
~*Love her lots!*~

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