06 July 2005

Buns to die for

[Gina's sweet & sour chicken]

After a late evening class of Basic Law, me and ma girls decided to go have dinner together. As usual, we were asking one other:

Gina: Where & what do you all want to eat?
Aud: Anywhere
Me: Anything
Gina: In cyberia or go out?
Aud & Me: Ummmm.......

(....still undecided...)

Gina: What do you all feel like eating?
Aud: Dunno. The driver decide-la! (while turning her head to look at me)
Me: I'm invisible. Don't look at me.

(after a few moments....)

Aud: How about the bus stop?
Gina & Me: Yay! Ok, cool!

And there you have it. The 3 respective dishes that we ate.
Something good happen to me today. I saw a Rotiboy on my table after coming home from classes. Aaahhhh....what a sweet roomate I have. I assumed it must be her. Couldnt wait for her to come back to clarify. Eat first! Weeeeee........

~*How am I going to succeed in toning my cheeks with my glutton-ny attitude?~*

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