12 July 2005

A daY to IndulgE & FeAsT

~indulge I~

~indulge II~

~indulge III~

8 JULY 2005

Today is my birthday; after 22 yrs of living in this planet call Earth.
As you grow older, birthdays don't mean as much as what they do when you're little. When I was small, Mum used to shower me with zillions of hugs & kisses. Dad would buy me all the different types & colours of 'masak-masak' appliances. Life tends to be less complex & stressful when you're in a single-digit age, you know?

I had my birthday dinner at Saisaki Restaurant. A Japanese buffet restaurant. As it was my birthday, I have every reason to indulge & feed myself to-the-brim rite? It was my first-time there, so the new environment makes it more interesting. The restaurant was packed. Tonnes of food; exotic snails-sushi+sashimi-tempura-ramen +miso soup-grill ham-cawan mushi-konyaku jelly-ice cream ........(are you drooling yet? >:D)

Anyway, Happy 22nd Birthday to myself~! I would like 2 quote Kennedy's birthday wish here, "Hope all the good things will come to me"

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