19 July 2005

Rainy history

[Bread for lunch]
Today was the first time in history, I carried an umbrella and walked under the rain to campus. Got my jeans & my bag wet, some mud on my toes and a dripping-with-water umbrella to carry around classes. Sad, huh?
It has been raining quite frequent in Cyber this days, this makes michelle very very S-L-E-E-P-Y.
Becos of the very odd-hour classes, I walked a total of 3 times to campus today, to-and-fro, and to again. Luckily, after my last class, ma very-kind housemate offered me a lift back. =)
3 times to campus, makes it all-together a 20-min walk. Wonder how many calories i lost today? Another itsy-bitsy-tiny-little step in achieving my sunken cheeks.
Kekekeke =D

p/s: I would like to share this interesting link Audrey sent me. I've not only fallen for its inspiring messages, but also it's b/ground music. Wait till i put it up in my own blog!


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