20 July 2005

Orange County

[coffee milkshake bun for lunch]

Due to staring at the computer for the whole day, research-ing for my FYP, I simply had to get away from reading 'NiFe & their hard axis magnetization' to keep my sanity. So what I do? Watch the finale of The OC Season2.

This episode was far far better than the finale in Season 1. They showed how each characther has grown & developed throughout the 2 seasons. It was a good choice, ending the season by showing Kirsten battling alcohol-addiction. All along, Kirsten was the goody-goody one, a perfect corporate woman & mother. It was a tearjerker seeing how her loved ones slowly yet painfully, letting her go, for rehab. (Yeap, mic mic cried.....) Sandy, Seth, Ryan n Haley; all of them did marvelouslly in expressing their sadness. I love Sandy the best. No matter how much, Kirsten shouted, screamed n fight back at him, he patiently consoled n advised her, telling her he will be waiting at the door with open arms once she step out of her rehab.
He also said:

"I love you very much, Kirsten."

(I cried again...)

After Caleb's death, Jimmy came back for the funeral, and so after some intimate encouters, Julie got reunited with him. This means the Cooper family is back! Jimmy, Julie, Marissa & Kaitlin - the same old dysfunctional family we know from Season 1.

Ryan finally knew that Trey forced himself on Marissa. As u know, the usual old-school Ryan Atwood went and bashed up Trey. Boxing, kicking, punching, Ryan was at the losing end. After lots of pushing and broken furniture, Trey was strangling him till his face turned blue. Unable to stop them, Marissa took a gun n fired at Trey. B-A-N-G!

The End.

(A rather climax-ing scene to end, huh? )
Cant wait for The OC Season-3!! Weee!!

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