27 July 2005

VLSI - true/false

["ham chin pang" for supper]

26 July
Very tiring day; VLSI midterm tonight. Stayed in campus from 1pm-9pm. Was feelin cold, sleepy & tired throughout the 8 hours. But......... managed to pull thru.
Even had the opportunity to have supper~! Weee~!

But, the main agenda of the day wasnt my supper. It was something, far, far beyond that. Aud Aud found out that Kenneth went to visit her blog, and even drop some comments. Can u imagine that? Kenneth Foo (Chief Technology Officer), Netinfinium Cooperation. Big-shot CTO of a rising E-business company, got time to check out Aud's blog.
eeeeeeee...................... jealous~!

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