21 July 2005

A Funny Swimming session

[ Pizza for supper; courtesy from my housemate]
After days & days of whining and pestering by Miss Audrey, saying that she wants to go swimming, we Finally went today.
Lucky for us, we had the W-H-O-L-E pool to ourselves for quite some time. In other words, gave ample chance to audrey to practise-la. =P
The usual happen.
Audrey: Got water go in my nose.
I cant hold my breathe.
Dunno why my body can't float.
I cant do it. So hard.
I swallowed water.
I forgot how to float.
My leg cramp after doing the frog-swim.
After all those wacko phrases, the last one got even funnier. She got hiccups while learning how to frog-swim. How funny can she get?!

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