07 July 2005

Audrey's Surprise Pre-Birthday Celebration

[Like a scene from Exorcist-me peering looking for clues]

[My 1st birTHday caKe for the year]
Last night, 6 July 2005:
Eventhough I was feeling grumpy for the past couple of days-for personal reasons-, plus the ever-piling workload of FYP, tutorials and lab report, Audrey still made the effort and gang-up with Irene & Grace to hold a surprise pre-birthday celebration for me.This is what 10yrs of friendship truly means. I was touched from the bottom of my heart.
It all started on Monday afternoon:

Audrey: Mic, r u free on Wed?
Me : Wai?
Audrey: Cannot ask izzit?
Me : Can... at the moment i'm free.
Audrey: Can i date u on Wed?
Me : Wai?
Audrey: Cannot date u izzit?
Me : Can.... =)

Then on Wednesday afternoon:

Audrey: Mic, can i come to ur hse later?
Me : Wai?
Audrey: Cannot come izzit?
Me : Can..
Audrey: I'll be very bored later. My hsemates r goin to play bball.
Me : Y dont u follow them?

Then the internet connection was cut off. Conversation disrupted.
Around 830pm, Grace called me on the phone.

Grace: Hey, Mic...I am going to Audrey's hse to choose clothes for tmr n also discuss how r we goin to do our hair, wad earrings to wear....do you wan2 come along?
Me : Errr.....im kinda lazy.
Grace: Come la...it will be fun.
Me : Err...i gotta do my log book. Tmr gonna c my FYP supervisor.
Grace: La...come la, it'll only take a short while. I have tutorials to do too.
Me : Errr...ok la.
Grace: Cool! C u down there at 930.

When me & Grace, reached her house, (got some slight delay of doors banging n me shouting frantically to Audrey to open the door), Audrey and her housemates burst out into a birthday song with Ah Bee holding a Beautiful birthday cake with 22 lighted candles. (Come to think of it, I've never sing a birthday song to Audrey, and Audrey does it every year. Bad me....)
Awwwww.....Me was speechless. They even bought me cheesecake. My favourite!

The surprise wasnt over yet. Audrey and Irene, planned a game of 'Treasure HUnt' as part of the celebration. Me, Grace, Henry & Ah Bee were each given clues and the person to find the 'treasure' the fastest will win. It was a chaotic situation. Shouting soon ensued with crying and beating. I twisted and turned my body to peer into every nook & corner looking for my next clue. Apparently, the birthday girl doesnt get any privilege in this. Grace won. The 'treasure' was a super-duper big packet of Mr.Potatoes.

Ahhh....what a wonderful night it was. Sometimes, it's the little things that people do that make you melt. Thank You to all who made my day yesterday. =)

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