18 July 2005

Pork knuckles

[pork knuckles]

16 July

I had this unusual dish at a seafood restaurant in Aman Suria(some high-class residential area). Its called Casis Seafood Restaurant. What's so unusual about this dish is that, the pork knuckles go thru a 4-step cooking process. Grill, Stew, Steam & Fried. Unique-leh? Hehehehe....
The result = the meat was very very tender and the dipping sauce that comes with it taste like asam sauce. Perfecto? Not bad-la, something different.

Went to watch Fantastic 4 yesterday. IMHO, I think F4 is better than WoTW. Contrary to majority-belief, it's not that kiddy-la. Firstly, Chris Evans has very very, i repeat very gorgeous abs. The scene where he was just clad in a pink-ski sweater is ooh-la-la! Secondly, Jessica Alba is SiZZling siZZlinG hot~! Wavy Blonde hair, attractive assets, big sexy hazel-eyes -> the perfect person to take on Sue Storm. The movie's funny too. So, it aint that bad. Didn't regret my 9 bucks.

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